Charter flight for your tour and personal travel
Charter flights are perfect for a unique holiday with a private group. Ideally, for those looking for that memorable experience, several families or large groups need a private charter flight.

Helicopter Cargo Charter

Our cargo services provide efficient delivery to various locations in Nepal where road transportation may be inconvenient and time-consuming. With our low-cost helicopter services, these locations can be easily reached in a short period of time. Our skilled pilots ensure the safe transport of your cargo, no matter how bulky or large it may be, providing you with peace of mind knowing that your valuable goods are in capable hands.

Medical evacuation and rescue
We understands the critical nature of medical emergencies and the need for swift medical evacuation. Our team is always prepared, with engines ready and on standby to fly to remote regions across Nepal at any time. Our expert team members are trained to value time and provide the best medical services using Medevac or air ambulance, ensuring prompt and efficient evacuation for those in need of urgent medical care.


Wedding Helicopter Charter

$1500 / Private Charter

1 Super

Lukla Helicopter Charter Flight

$2500 / Per flight


The best time for a helicopter tour in Nepal is the Autumn and Spring seasons. The Autumn season falls from September to November and Spring from March to May.
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