Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Private Charter

A helicopter tour to Muktinath is a thrilling and spiritual pilgrimage to the renowned Muktinath temple. Offering breathtaking views of the Himalayas, including Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri, Muktinath Helicopter Tours provide a scenic and awe-inspiring experience from both Kathmandu and Pokhara cities.


Among the two options, the Muktinath Yatra by Helicopter from Pokhara is more popular among travelers. Many prefer to visit Pokhara and spend a couple of nights there for a valley sightseeing tour in addition to the helicopter tour to Muktinath. This option is particularly favored by older religious pilgrims or those with limited time who may not be able to undertake the land package or trek to Muktinath temple.


The major attractions of the Muktinath Helicopter tour include panoramic mountain views of the Annapurna range, Muktinath Kunda, Gumba Samba, Swaminarayan, and Shaligram. It is a perfect opportunity to immerse oneself in the spiritual aura of the holy place, dedicated to Lord Vishnu. With the convenience and speed of a helicopter, this tour offers a uniquefff and memorable experience for those seeking a blend of adventure and spirituality.


Embark on a Muktinath Helicopter tour and witness the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayas while paying homage to a revered pilgrimage site.

Brief Itinerary

7:00 AM: Transfer to Airport

7:30 AM: Fly from Kathmandu to Muktinath.

8:15 AM: Perform Pooja and Havan(worshipping) for 30 minutes

8:45 AM: Fly back to Kathmandu

10:00 Am: Return to Kathmandu airport(finally departure)


Private Charter Trip (US$5000 only), Minimum 1 max and Maximum 5 pax


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    The best time for a helicopter tour in Nepal is the Autumn and Spring seasons. The Autumn season falls from September to November and Spring from March to May.
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